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Abstract Painting

Some Insight

My passion for painting began later in life, but since picking up a brush I have been amazed at the beauty I am able to create. As a middle-aged woman, I never thought I would discover a talent for painting, but I am grateful that I did. Maybe I have more of my mother's talents than I realized.  One of my specialties is painting fishing lures. I love the challenge of bringing out the beauty of these small, intricate tools and seeing what fish I can catch with them.

When not fishing, I paint original works of art that come straight from my imagination, a spin on an experience or was inspired by nature. Each brush stroke, color and texture tells a story about the feeling in the painting.

The artistic process is incredibly therapeutic to me, and I enjoy pushing my creative boundaries to create something truly unique every time. If you’re interested in purchasing an original piece of artwork or a custom painted lure, please feel free to contact me!

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